Everything You Need To Know Before Moving to APEX NC (Suburb of Raleigh NC)

We are going to tell you everything you need to know before you make that move to Apex, North Carolina. The first thing to know about Apex is the downtown is absolutely amazing. Apex’s downtown is ranked really high on our personal list of the some of the best suburbs and downtowns in all of the Raleigh area. Salem Street is the main street with lots of restaurants, and shopping. Apex is well known for being a railroad town. There is history, with a railroad museum downtown.

Next thing you need to know, Apex is getting kind of expensive. The medium price for single family homes right now are coming in around $625,000. Whereas new construction single-family homes are coming in around $745,000. Resale townhomes are going to set you back somewhere in the neighborhood of $470,000 and new construction townhomes are going to cost somewhere around $480,000.

The next thing you need to know, Apex is becoming Cary part two. Cary is built out. All new construction growth has to go somewhere and it's headed towards the Apex area. Apex is one of the fastest growing areas in the Raleigh area and frankly it very much is starting to feel like an offshoot of Cary. It is hard to tell where Cary ends and Apex begins. You can live in Apex and enjoy all the amenities that you find in Cary. It is a short 10 to 15 minute drive from pretty much anywhere in the Apex area to get to Cary. 

The next thing to know about Apex is the commute times to get from Apex to downtown Raleigh.You are looking at about an 18 to 25 minute drive. Most of Apex is about 20 to 30 minutes from Research Triangle Park and as we mentioned, downtown Apex to downtown Cary is about a 10 to 15 minutes drive. 

The next thing you need to know about Apex are all of the things that there are to do. To start, Apex Nature Park. There is also the mini greenway trails that run through Apex, the American Tobacco trail that goes into Durham. The North Carolina Railroad Museum in downtown Apex. 

The main attraction of Apex is the downtown and all the events and celebrations that happen throughout the year in Apex. Apex is famous for their old-fashioned Fourth of July celebration that happens.It is a celebration of Independence Day where you're going to find fireworks a parade, celebrations and food. Salem Street is also a big hub for celebrations for both Halloween and Christmas and  movies in the park which happens throughout spring and summer of each year. Apex is home to to the Apex Music Festival that happens year. 

Next is all the shopping opportunities that abound in Apex. Again we've talked about how Apex is very close to Cary. Anything that is going on in Cary you can get to it from Apex quickly. Apex has a Costco, several strip malls, Apex Promenade and Beaver Creek Crossings. As far as grocery stores Apex has Lowes, Food Lion, Lidl, Harris Teeter, Publix, Aldi and many more.

Next thing you need to know about Apex it's becoming crowded. Currently the population of Apex is somewhere around 75,000. It is one of the fastest growing cities in all of North Carolina. Back in 1990 there were only 5,000 people living in Apex. In fact Apex recently passed Chapel Hill to be the fourth largest city in all of the Triangle-Raleigh area. 

The next thing to know, there are a lot of new homes being built in Apex. Since so much growth is headed towards Apex a lot of new homes are being built which means a lot of the homes that are being sold are new construction. 37% of the homes that are currently being sold in Apex are new construction homes.74% of the homes that are being sold in Apex currently are less than 20 years old. You can expect if you’re interested in buying a home in Apex you're going to most likely be buying a fairly new home.

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