Cary vs. Morrisville North Carolina, Suburbs Near Raleigh NC

Today we're going to compare two of the hottest suburbs around Raleigh, North Carolina: Cary and Morrisville.

First off, let's talk about the feel of each city. Cary is very established; it's been around for quite a while and has a medium level of hustle and bustle, like what you would find up North Raleigh. Cary is a very well-planned city, which started out as a very small town. As Research Triangle Park grew, many people working there moved to and bought homes in Cary, causing its growth. Luckily, the city planners knew this and mapped it out well. Nowadays, traffic is fairly easy to get around in Cary because the roads are well-organized, making the quality of life there better than in most parts of the Triangle area.

Morrisville, on the other hand, has a very new vibe. For a long time, it was mainly the airport and some industrial buildings. But as growth happened in Cary and all the land started getting filled up with houses, the builders had to move somewhere. The next logical place was Morrisville, resulting in many new home neighborhoods and commercial developments popping up over the last 10 to 15 years.

Both cities are in the very center of the Triangle, with Morrisville sitting to the north of Cary. They're both centrally located, allowing easy access to any part of the Raleigh-Durham area quickly.

Currently, Cary has about 180,000 people, making it the third-largest city in the Triangle area and the seventh-largest city in all of North Carolina. Morrisville, on the other hand, is smaller, with about 30,000 people calling it home.

In terms of downtown areas, Cary has a charming downtown that's been rapidly transforming with recent additions like Cary Park. In contrast, Morrisville lacks a distinct downtown but has commercial areas serving as city centers.

Median home prices are higher in Cary compared to Morrisville, with Cary also having more single-family homes. Both cities have diverse populations, largely due to their proximity to Research Triangle Park.

Morrisville benefits from its location, with easy access to shopping destinations in Raleigh, Cary, and Durham. Cary, on the other hand, boasts its own shopping centers, including Fenton, Crossroads Plaza, and Waverly Place.

Both cities offer a variety of international cuisine, reflecting their diverse populations. Cary and Morrisville have notable dining options catering to various tastes.

In terms of things to do, Cary boasts greenways, parks, and cultural attractions like Cary Park and its amphitheater. Morrisville offers parks, recreational activities like go-kart racing, and entertainment options like the Triangle Rock Club.

Both cities receive high ratings overall and for their public schools. Cary is ranked as the best place to live, while Morrisville is considered the best place to raise a family according to

In conclusion, both Cary and Morrisville offer distinct advantages depending on individual preferences. Cary may appeal to those seeking an established city with diverse amenities, while Morrisville may be preferred by those wanting proximity to Research Triangle Park and the airport. Ultimately, both cities are excellent options with proximity to each other and the greater Raleigh-Durham area.

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