7 Things You Must Know Before Moving to To Raleigh North Carolina

What do you think about when you think of Raleigh, North Carolina? Do you picture a small southern town with people riding in pickup trucks, feasting on barbecued pork, and country music blaring in the background? What is life like in Raleigh, North Carolina?  Are you thinking of moving to the city? Here are seven things you need to know before moving to Raleigh, North Carolina. 

1. Fun and Entertainment 

The first thing to note is all the fun and entertainment in the area. It is a misnomer that Raleigh is this small town and doesn't have a lot going on. That is not the case. Raleigh is a large and diverse city, with many options for things to do. The city is one of the major spots for Broadway traveling tours like “Hamilton, “Wicked,” and more. The Duke Performing Art Center in Raleigh and the Durham Performing Arts Center host many Broadway performances.

Raleigh has upwards of ten museums. The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is located in downtown Raleigh. The museum is the state’s most visited museum, focusing on nature and science. The Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh devotes itself to multimedia and best of all is free. 

Raleigh is home to three major universities: NC State University, Duke University, and UNC-Chapel Hill. These schools are meccas for basketball and football lovers. For hockey, Raleigh is home to the NHL team, the Carolina Hurricanes.

The North Carolina State Fair begins in late September and ends in early October every year. It is both a fair and agricultural exposition. People from all over North Carolina take part. The fair has everything from carnival rides and games to hundreds of local vendors from across the state and deep-fried fair food. 

Another popular activity is the North Carolina State Farmer's Public Market. It is open every day of the week and is most popular on weekends. At the market, farmers bring in all manner of produce from fruits and vegetables to fresh jam. You can have a treat to munch on while shopping. 

Raleigh is also a great place if you're an outdoor enthusiast. We have over a hundred miles of trails that we call the Raleigh Greenway, and it's great for anyone getting in a workout. You can hike, bike, run, or walk for some fresh air. The Greenway runs from one end of the county to the other.

We also have 15 lakes in Raleigh, where you can go for a swim, kayak, fish, or take part in boating activities. The city also has more than 200 parks. It features nature preserves, dog parks, playgrounds and fields, pools, and more. 

2. Location 

The next thing you need to know is the central location of Raleigh, placed in the middle of the state. The city is nestled between the unique combination of mountain adventures and days lounging at the beach. Raleigh boasts being only two hours from the coast.  With shorelines that consist of more than 25 distinct beaches. If you head west of the city, you can frequent the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail. Two hours into driving into the mountains is the Yadkin Valley Wine Country. The wineries in the region showcase many classic varietals of wine.

Washington DC is four and a half hours to the north of Raleigh. Five and a half hours south is Charleston, South Carolina. Walt Disney World is a nine hour drive from Raleigh. RDU international airport, for those who prefer air travel, offers direct flights to London, Paris, and the Caribbean. You can jump to all kinds of places by going to other airports all over the country.

3. Restaurants

The restaurant scene in Raleigh is third on our list since it has exploded. The city is evolving to include staple Southern foods and other global flavors. Since the city is a melting pot of the diverse people living here, the food reflects this. From Indian restaurants, Italian, tapas, sushi, and more are available in Raleigh. Due to the thriving restaurant scene, the city is home to several award-winning chefs such as Scott Crawford, owner of some amazing restaurants including Crawford & Son, Jolie, and Crawford Cookshop.

4. Diverse Economy and Employment Opportunities

The fourth item on the list is the diverse economy and availability of excellent employment opportunities in Raleigh. As mentioned before, three major universities are located in the area. Also, the technology hub, Research Triangle Park, is home to many high-tech companies. The three universities combined with the Research Triangle bring in people from all over. This provides endless employment opportunities.  In turn, this causes the economy to grow. Raleigh has an array of varied employment opportunities. Unlike areas that are dependent on a few industries. This makes the economy less susceptible to damage caused by downturns in the national economy.

5. The People 

The fifth thing to know is the diversity of people in Raleigh. Since Raleigh is a southern city, you will experience the warmth and friendliness of southern hospitality. Due to the universities and Research Triangle Park, you will notice a fusion of cultures.  You might have lunch with someone that's grown up here, and at the next table over is someone from India or France. Raleigh is home to both southerners and people of all nationalities. 

 6.  Moderate Weather 

The number six thing you need to know about the area is the weather and climate. Raleigh has all four seasons and temperate weather. The winters are short and mild and the summers are hot and humid.

7. Cost of Living 

The seventh thing you need to know about Raleigh is the cost of living. In comparison to other cities, Raleigh is not as expensive. Yet, the prices are increasing with the population growth. At the end of 2020, builders could not keep up with the demand on the market with the influx of people moving into the area. This means higher costs and longer build times. The median home price in early 2022 for a single family home is around $430,000.

There you have it, the seven things you need to know before moving to Raleigh, North Carolina. Which of these seven things do you think is most important when deciding on a move? Let us know in the comments. 

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